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A Clean Team offers quality floor stripping and waxing Rockford, IL

The services, we provide, are backed up by a strong and loyal client base and a broad network of cleaning specialists. A Clean Team is a leading cleaning contractor for both residential and commercial facilities in Rockford, IL. We manage all needs from window cleaning to floor stripping and waxing. A Clean Team has been going at it for seemingly ages now. We carry considerable experience in both planning and preparation, which are keys to exceptional cleaning results.

floor-stripping-and-waxingDirt and grit, if not removed on time, can cause extensive damage to your floors. They need to be removed properly by skilled professionals. At A Clean Team, our floor experts will use high quality floor stripping and waxing tools and supplies to enhance the look and cleanliness of your floors.

Our floor maintenance specialists will give you tips and advice on how to regularly clean and maintain the shine of your floors. They will provide you with valuable preventive maintenance information that will help you keep your floors looking their best and ensure their long life.

Trust your floor care to the experts at A Clean Team. Call us today to learn more about our high quality floor stripping and waxing services. Our expert service agent is waiting to answer all of your questions. Call now on (815) 494-0239.


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